Wraparound book boxes and cartons

When you pack and dispatch products you want to make sure that there won’t be any damage. This is often unintentional and generally happens when you use inadequate packaging. Items like cartons can be very helpful when it comes to holding media such as books.

Protect Your Products

cartonsPeople often go on about enjoying the smell of a new book. There are plenty of individuals who take great care to keep them in great condition. This includes keeping the corners intact from damage. But, what about when they order a book and find that it doesn’t look new?

No customer wants to order a book and get excited, only to find that it is damaged when they receive it. This leaves them unhappy and in many cases, looking for a refund. Sometimes it can be minor damage that doesn’t cause a major issue but still leaves people unsatisfied with the service.

This kind of damage can occur easily. It might not be that people have purposely mishandled the package. A slight drop, compression, or even movement that has made the book move around can result in damage. This is why it needs to be secure in the package. Cartons can be the perfect option here because they are durable and can cushion a book.

Sturdy Packaging

Simple packaging can be very strong and prevent this damage from occurring. They offer protection against shocks and help keep the corners in great condition. This way, you don’t have to worry about the product suffering from impact when you deliver it to the recipient. We provide options perfect for different book and media sizes.

There are many products available from Bath Street Boxes. These include different types of cartons and presentation boxes. With our items your customers will receive high quality goods and beautiful packaging. Check out what we offer and if you want to know more about our work, feel free to get in touch.