Would using embossing be beneficial?

For those who are unfamiliar with us, we are specialist presentation packaging manufacturers. It is our job to design and then produce bespoke slipcases, wedding favour boxes, gift boxes, and more. Such a task requires certain skills to complete. Thankfully, we are the finest business for printing and embossing Walsall has. With these services we can make every item unique.

Anyone who is looking to elevate their printed marketing materials will want to consider embossing. This is one of the most effective techniques you can use. So we can give you a better idea of just how useful it is, we go over some of the benefits below.

Easier foiling

When using embossing, you shall have an easier time applying foil. This is because the process raises the design. Therefore, when the hot metal die presses the foil it will touch these raised areas first. This will add foil here while leaving the rest of the item alone. Embossing and foiling complement each other beautifully and make designs look even better.

Transferring your finest details

printing and embossing WalsallEmbossing allows you to transfer even the finest of details as well. This technique is one you carry out in a very specific manner. Because of this, several of the highest quality details sometimes end up lost in the printing. It can be simpler for you to see each tiny curve and line of a design if you emboss it. This could be convenient if your goal is to print a company logo onto a leaflet. You must ensure your logo is easily recognisable and clear. Therefore, embossing could be the way forward here.

At Bath Street Boxes, we supply our merchandise in quantities from 1 to 50,000. This way, it is easy for customers to have enough products to meet their requirements. No matter how big the order is though, we always ensure consistent quality.

If you need aid from the greatest company specialising in printing and embossing Walsall has, please get in touch with us. We have the skills and creativity to give you a great design.