What is embossing and what can it do for your packaging?

printing and embossing BirminghamBath Street Boxes began trading in 1972 and ever since then our focus has been on creating stunning packaging for our customers. Whether you need a single gift box or 50,000 of them, you can count on us. We even offer printing and embossing Birmingham clients can use to make their packaging look amazing.

What is embossing?

This is a popular process in the printing industry. It involves pressing an image or text into cardstock or paper. The result of this is a 3D effect thanks to the raised surface of the design.

What does the process involve?

Embossing uses two metal dies that fit together. One of these will have a raised surface while the other will have a recessed mating surface. When you put a sheet of paper between the two of these and apply heat and pressure, the paper will reshape and create the design.

Does it have practical applications?

Embossing has a distinctive appearance that can make your items look elegant and high quality. People often use it on products they want to impress others with like packaging or invites. When you use embossing with a pre-printed image or on foil, it will be even more distinctive and offers a unique 3D result.

What about blind embossing?

People often emboss a design without using any foiling or printing, a process called blind embossing. Instead of foil or ink they use textured paper. This is because in addition to a raised design, you can press the paper so that it is smooth. As a result, it offers an interesting contrast that catches people’s attention.

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