Tips for getting the best results from foil printing

Foil printing is sometimes also referred to as stamping. This is a printing process that involves heat, pressure, metal dye, and foil film. Metallic foil is the most popular choice despite there being a range of finishes to choose from. Silver, gold, and copper foils are some of the most commonly used. We know all about this thanks to our work providing the services for printing and embossing Walsall thinks highly of.

printing and embossing WalsallYou can achieve an incredibly luxurious finish with foil printing. This provides a visual impact even when you use it sparingly. As a result, your product will look amazing. Of course like anything, you do need to take the right steps with foiling in order to be able to achieve amazing results. We have some advice on things to do and avoid so that the finish for your product is spectacular.

Allow for misregistration

Foil printing uses heat and pressure and as a result, the registration of print might vary by ±1 mm. This is only a small difference but is something to take into account. Your design should have a tolerance so that the foil can move by ±1 mm and still cover what you want it to.

Think about paper type

If your design has tight spacing or an intricate pattern, you should use smooth or coated paper stock. This will allow you to achieve stunning results. A heavily textured paper stock is much less likely to produce fine detail as clearly. This is because the foil can ‘fill in’ so you would have to use a larger and simpler design.

Foil sells

If you use foil printing well, you can make your item leap out at people and make them want to touch the product. When you encourage people to engage with an item, you can boost sales. Foil print can also make your product look higher value which will arouse more interest.

Outstanding services

At Bath Street Boxes, we are able to foil print in almost any colour. We also offer blind embossing as well as our other services. This means we make it easy to create bespoke packaging.

If you have a product that could benefit from some of the best printing and embossing Walsall offers, get in touch with our team. We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you might have about our work.