Slipcases protect products and help them look amazing

A product may not be complete without quality packaging to store and market it. If you have an interest in slipcases Birmingham businesses can count on the excellent products we produce and supply. We offer whatever quantity is necessary, regardless of whether you need 1 or 50,000. Every single product we offer will be fantastic, ensuring you can present your own items in the right way.

What Is A Slipcase?

This product is a kind-of case with open ends. They primarily hold books and DVDs but are also used for numerous other items and boxes. You can design them however you wish and pick the perfect size for your product. Each of our items is of the highest quality. This means that they will be able to stand the test of time and will look great despite being very affordable.


Slipcases BirminghamWhen it comes to your items, you don’t want any damage to come to them. This can break the product and harm its appearance. Take books for example; a lot of people take great care to not cause damage, even when they handle and read them. With a slipcase however, you will be able to ensure that customers won’t have to deal with this. The item will stay safe when on the shelf and in transit. Customers can continue to use the case so that the product stays in top condition.

Looks Great

You can either give a slipcase its own design that is different from the product or one that looks exactly like the item it holds. Using the cases shows that you care about your items and can make them look higher quality.

Here at Bath Street Boxes, we specially make packaging to your precise specifications. This is for competitive prices and includes items like presentation boxes. We also have the slipcases Birmingham businesses rate highly.

Get in touch with us if you know that you want amazing packaging for your items.