Slipcases protect products and help them look amazing

A product may not be complete without quality packaging to store and market it. If you have an interest in slipcases Birmingham businesses can count on the excellent products we produce and supply. We offer whatever quantity is necessary, regardless of whether you need 1 or 50,000. Every single product we offer will be fantastic, ensuring you can present your own items in the right way. Continue reading

Tips for getting the best results from foil printing

Foil printing is sometimes also referred to as stamping. This is a printing process that involves heat, pressure, metal dye, and foil film. Metallic foil is the most popular choice despite there being a range of finishes to choose from. Silver, gold, and copper foils are some of the most commonly used. We know all about this thanks to our work providing the services for printing and embossing Walsall thinks highly of. Continue reading

Should I use cartons for packaging?

Bath Street Boxes has a history dating back to 1972. Since starting out, our intent has been to supply the greatest cartons Walsall has. Our team designs and produces a huge array of bespoke wedding favour boxes and gift boxes too. In addition, we have slipcases and paper-over-board presentation boxes. All of these come in quantities from 1 to 50,000 so we can cater for many needs. Continue reading

Wraparound book boxes and cartons

When you pack and dispatch products you want to make sure that there won’t be any damage. This is often unintentional and generally happens when you use inadequate packaging. Items like cartons can be very helpful when it comes to holding media such as books. Continue reading