Make sure your packaging is frustration free

As specialist manufacturers, we love boxes and packaging. But we do understand that it can be a huge hassle when it is not fit for purpose. This is why we work hard to produce amazing products. For instance, we create some of the finest cartons Birmingham clients could ask for.

Packing should not be a pain

You have likely come across packaging that is hard to open. Alternatively, it might have had tons of void fill. This is very frustrating and takes away from the excitement of receiving your package.

Make it “Frustration Free”

Below we look at some of the areas you will want to consider when aiming to make it so that packaging does not frustrate customers.

Cartons BirminghamEnsure it provides the product with the right protection. Packaging should minimise any possible damage that might occur during transit. This is in order to negate expensive reverse logistics and negative customer experience. In addition, make sure it is easy to open. You don’t want people to struggle when it arrives and they cannot access the item.

Keep the amount of waste from your packaging to a minimum too because consumers hate this. In other words, it should be the right size for your item. Secondly, it should not contain unnecessary fill. You can also pick options that are reuseable. This is helpful if customers need to return items for any reason.

Choose materials that are recyclable. Being environmentally conscious is a big issue in customer’s minds today. Wherever possible, materials should be 100% recyclable. Packaging should inform customers of this so that they know how to dispose of it when they finish using it.

Your customers will greatly appreciate it

Ensuring packaging is not frustrating has a number of benefits. For example, it can lower packaging costs and has a lower environmental impact. In addition, there will be fewer product damages and returns. On top of all this, your customers will enjoy a better experience.

We can provide you with packaging that acts as the perfect delivery mechanism for your items. For example, we supply fold flat cartons Birmingham businesses loves. There are other forms of made to order presentation packaging too. You can learn all about these by browsing through the Bath Street Boxes site now.