How does embossing differ to debossing?

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Embossing and debossing may sound similar. However, the two have differences that separate them. As such, you don’t want to choose the wrong one by mistake. To help you avoid this situation, we look at how the two work below.


This is one of the most common finishing methods for printed and packing items. It generates visual intricacy by introducing new dimensions to your graphic and brand. Your first introduction to this art might have been during your childhood. Greeting cards have a habit of using this effect.

What it looks like

It is easy to spot an embossed design; it is raised to add a textual content or image. You press this onto paper or a cardstock. Foil and ink can manipulate the design. At times, the effect can show up in its initial form with blind embossing.


There are lots of potential uses of this kind of decorative touch. For example it adds a new depth to cards and paper. It is also great to add it to packaging so it stands out.


This produces a depressed imprint rather than a raised one. It is another method people can use to boost visual interest. There are no differences with the process but you must reverse the location of the female and male dies. This way you push downward into the material from the top rather than up from the bottom.


You are free to use debossing with printing and foil stamping too. With it, you can achieve effects with many layers and dimensions. This is also popular on many types of packaging as well as paper and card items.

Printing and embossing in Birmingham

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