First class packaging options made from cardboard

When it comes to packaging, we are experts. Bath Street Boxes has been around since 1972 and we manufacture many different items. For example, we create presentation boxes and cartons Birmingham clients can rely on to be top quality. We make everything to order, giving our customers a choice of size, colour, and quantity. As a result, we can meet any needs.

Most of our products are made from recycled papers and board. We do this in addition to our dedication to recycling. The end result is you get to enjoy high quality packaging while we take care of the environment.

Protect your items

Cardboard packaging can keep items safe throughout transportation and while anyone handles them. This could be books, shoes, media, and even particularly fragile objects. Corrugated board can also stop your products coming into contact with moisture. You can choose which option you think would offer the most protection and provide the best presentation.

A sustainable option

Cardboard boxes are an eco-friendly packaging option that you can reuse and recycle. You will be helping the environment, and your customers are sure to notice this. It could be a really great move for your brand.

It is cost effective

cartons BirminghamCartons made from board are one of the least expensive options available. This is because cardboard is fairly cheap to produce and does not have high labour costs. Other options include metal, plastic, and wood, all of which are more expensive and heavier. This adds to shipping costs and makes cartons an even better choice.

Bath Street Boxes is the home of dedicated experts who can manufacture quality packaging that suits your needs. We offer white & coloured ridged board cartons, brown Kraft versions, brown standard wraparound book boxes, and much more. There are various size and colour options and we can produce items in various quantities.

When they are looking for durable cartons Birmingham clients can trust us. We serve businesses from various industries as well as people looking for cartons for personal use. Get in touch with your requirements and we would be happy to talk with you.