Essential details about slipcases

slipcases BirminghamWe are a company that is responsible for creating the finest slipcases Birmingham has ever seen. Our team manufactures these and various other products to order. Moreover, we can digitally print or foil the majority of logos or designs with ease. As a result they can be unique and look great.

In some cases the packaging people use is dull and delicate. Therefore it will need an extra something to add long term protection and improve the aesthetics. In many instances, the ideal course of action would be to use a custom slipcase.


Cardboard or paper boxes and cartons don’t have much resistance to water. In fact, if there is enough water it can compromise the integrity of the packaging and then put the contents at risk. However people still use these materials because they are relatively low cost and easy to obtain. Luckily, a slipcase can help. It can be a material with better waterproofing.

Easy printing

It can be a little tricky to print designs on boxes due to the angles. There is potential here that you could lose part of the design on to another side. The cost of printing directly on to a box may also be a little higher. Again slipcases can be the best option. You can print them quickly because they are relatively basic. Mass production is faster and cheaper as a result.

A top layer

If you do go to the expense and effort of printing directly on the box, you may want to protect it. A slipcase is perfect here. It is a low cost extra layer of protection that can reduce the risk of the box being ripped, stained, or soiled.

At Bath Street Boxes, we have the ability to create a considerable number of bespoke slipcases Birmingham businesses will love. Our sampling services and in-house design shall ensure that things run smoothly. Whatever kind of design you have in mind, from plain colour to a full print or even embossing, we can create the right products for you.

If you wish to work with us, please get in touch with our team.