Creating a great unpacking experience

There are a lot of people who don’t give presentation boxes & slipcases the attention they should. The care you take with presentation and packaging can go a long way. With companies like ours, you can get stunning, unique products that match your specifications.

A Pretty Box Matters

While having durable and secure packaging is essential, it isn’t everything. You want the packaging for your products to be something people pay attention to, so don’t marginalise the looks. A great design gets the receiver even more excited about what the box contains.

Great First Impression

presentation boxes & slipcasesThe packages that ecommerce businesses send out are a direct form of connection with customers. Many people underuse this marketing opportunity. With the right approach, you can create a fantastic overall experience for your customers. You can also build more awareness of your brand, regardless of what you are selling.

You can make your product appeal even more with a lovely box. This is important for good presentation and should also keep the items safe during transit.


You might not have realised this but a gorgeous presentation box is something people can continue to use. Just think of how many people keep biscuit tins to fill with sewing accessories. With a nice box, customers will put it to use and continue to remember you.

You shouldn’t solely focus on function for packaging. Instead, make sure you take advantage of this marketing opportunity. The packaging will allow you to create a memorable experience for people un-boxing your product. Attractive boxes are also great for wedding favours, gifts, and more.

Your interest in presentation boxes & slipcases might be for a single gift or thousands of products. Regardless, Bath Street Boxes can meet your demands. You can see our dedication to our work through our high quality items. If you have an idea about what you are looking for from us, get in touch today.