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How does embossing differ to debossing?

printing and embossing BirminghamWe are a company that people know offers the best printing and embossing Birmingham has. Our team has the skills to foil print in nearly every colour. Additionally, our people know their fair share about blind embossing. As a result, we are more than capable of meeting your needs. Come to us whenever you need bespoke packaging that looks amazing. Continue reading

Essential details about slipcases

slipcases BirminghamWe are a company that is responsible for creating the finest slipcases Birmingham has ever seen. Our team manufactures these and various other products to order. Moreover, we can digitally print or foil the majority of logos or designs with ease. As a result they can be unique and look great. Continue reading

Would it be in my best interests to use presentation boxes?

The team here is one that creates a wide array of bespoke products. Specifically, we are thought of as the number one establishment specialising in presentation boxes Birmingham has. We manufacture everything to order to ensure they are great quality. With us, your designs go from concept to production with next to no fuss as well. We then deliver very quickly. Continue reading

Would using embossing be beneficial?

For those who are unfamiliar with us, we are specialist presentation packaging manufacturers. It is our job to design and then produce bespoke slipcases, wedding favour boxes, gift boxes, and more. Such a task requires certain skills to complete. Thankfully, we are the finest business for printing and embossing Walsall has. With these services we can make every item unique. Continue reading

Have you remembered to put a logo on your packaging?

Bath Street Boxes has a great reputation for the many amazing pieces of packaging we produce. This includes presentation boxes and cartons Walsall clients can request in quantities from 1 to 50,000. There is a choice of a huge number of colours and we can customise each one however you like. We take a lot of pride in what we do, ensuring that what you end up with is never anything less than high quality. Continue reading

How do you design a presentation box?

presentation boxes WalsallWe know a lot about packaging and can give each client the best materials. One area where we stand out is creating presentation boxes Walsall clients love. It is our goal to design products to help people market and sell products. In addition, we can create a box for specific special occasions such as weddings. Continue reading

First class packaging options made from cardboard

When it comes to packaging, we are experts. Bath Street Boxes has been around since 1972 and we manufacture many different items. For example, we create presentation boxes and cartons Birmingham clients can rely on to be top quality. We make everything to order, giving our customers a choice of size, colour, and quantity. As a result, we can meet any needs. Continue reading