Blind embossing – a finish you can see and feel

If you want to make your packaging stand out even more, you should consider printing & embossing. These touches can provide your product with a unique finish that makes it look great.

More than a visual enhancement

Printing & embossingYou need to put thought into the visual appearance of your product or package to help it succeed. There are many ways you can improve this through the use of printing and other techniques.

Embossing goes beyond making your product look great by giving it a texture that will interest people. It adds a new dimension, offering a visual and tactile appeal. This can make your package look more luxurious and also increase functionality.

Achieving the best results

You need to carefully consider design with embossing for the best results. You should take care when looking at the level of boldness, size, and how intricate it is. In addition, you need to consider the material as the paper bulk will affect the results. You can get more detail and depth with heavier paper. It provides deeper embossing with larger and bolder designs.

A blind emboss will flatten the paper that it is embossing. Because of this, it can be more effective to use a textured paper for a surface contrast that stands out.

Any typography and line art needs proofing at reproduction size. You need to look at spacing too so that letters can form with the right room.

Embossing an image makes it 3D. As a result it can make it look a little smaller than when you produce it through other means. You should make your image slightly bigger or bolder to compensate for this.

There are different methods of making your item stand out, including printing & embossing and more. Our expertise in the area makes us the people you can count on for a brilliant result you will love. You can contact Bath Street Boxes if you have any questions regarding our work.